Our clients testimonials

Peter and Cheryl

Helpful and listened to our needs – Honest – French lady speaking very good English.

Did not count the time to help us.

Peter et Cheryl

Eleanor and Gilles

After much deliberation, we were looking for a house when our path crossed that of Marie-Pascale. One morning, she telephoned us saying: I have found “your” home. Can you come? Indeed, this house is now OUR house!

Through listening, professionalism, seriousness and competence and, despite a difficult situation we were going through with my husband, we were finally able to achieve our vision and enjoy life again. Thank you to her who has became our friend now.


Eleanor and Gilles (Translated from french)

Kerry and Daniel

When we met Marie-Pascale, we felt confident at once and would have liked to have met her earlier. Our house was for sale for over a year without success, and with her help, in the space of a few months, we had achieved a sale to her first customer. Has always respected the appointment and was never late. She accompanied us during the two signatures and was incredibly dynamic throughout the sales process.

We would recommend her to anyone. In fact, we have!

Kerry and Daniel

Louis and Pierrette

We dealt with Mrs. Gunther and we can verify her competence, availability and kindness.

Louis and Pierrette (Translated from french)

Alice and Dominique

Marie-Pascale has been a great help to find the perfect home for our son. She is bilingual in English and extremely competent in her job, while being a nice person to deal with.

Alice and Dominique

Sonia And Serge

A big thank you to Mrs. Gunther! Your professionalism, listening, availability and kindness make you an outstanding Real Estate Agent. You have accompanied us in an area we did not know, after leaving behind family and friends and will not hesitate to call you again, you can be sure. Our warm thanks.

Sonia et Serge (Translated from french)

Yves et Nadine

We would like to thank you for the quality of the work done. To see our place presented in such a flattering  way, with quality pictures, on a clear website where no essential information is missing, this is extremely rare and this has to be written ! Congratulations Madam !

Yves et Nadine (Translated from french)

Richard et Cécile

Our Guardian Angel… It is in these words that we would describe Mrs Gunther upon whom we totally relied. As soon as the contract had been signed, with a great kindness, and without counting her time, she had the house emptied, found a gardener, a painter… As we no longer live there, she regularly checked everything was fine in the house and she even dealt with the insurance because of a water leak. A problem ? We call her and she finds a solution ! A close, faithful and truthful collaboration

Richard et Cécile (Translated from french)

Philippe et Richard


Dear Madam, my brother and myself would like to thank you for your work, your help and your kind assistance during the process of the sale of our mother’s place. Very happy to have met you . With our very best regards. Philippe and Richard.

Philippe et Richard (Translated from french)

Simon, Ruby and Harry

Marie Pascale is by far the best estate agent in the Gers if not France, she has absolutely gone way above and beyond the call of duty through out the buying process and even now a year after we bought the house we had always dreamed of she is still assisting us with builders, experts, gardeners and so much more, we cannot recommend Marie Pascale enough.

If you want a house in France, Marie Pascale is the person to talk to without doubt.

Thank you so much for everything you have done and are still doing.

From Simon, Ruby & Harry

Simon, Ruby and Harry

Brad, Corinne, Emily and Robert

We’ve found our forever home with Marie-Pascale Gunther. A truly fantastic estate agent who has helped, guided, and held our hands through the entire process. She’s organised Notaire, found schools, arranged experts, gardening, and found out any answer to the plethora of questions thrown at her daily. We felt extremely confident using you. We really have been so lucky. Thank you M-Pascale for loving your job as much as you do.

Tom and Helen

We can only describe our recent sale of our French house as the most straightforward property sale we have ever encountered.
Throughabout Marie-Pascale at Tournesol Immobilier was excellent.
Advice on the balance between selling price and timeliness was spot on , marketing exemplary in accuracy and presentation and negotiation straight forward.

Most memorable however was Marie-Pascale’s ability and willingness to find solutions to any problems with minimum fuss and maximum effectiveness.

A true professional throughout providing a truly superb service and we can’t thank you enough.

Alan et Ying

Both my wife and I were so impressed by Marie Pascales professionalism , but most of all, her warm manner, and the way that after the purchase of our home, she guided us through the maze of bureaucraty , needed to secure the Carte de Séjour, as well as medical help and so on, long after we had moved in. She is now treasured as a personal friend.

Alan et Ying

Professionalism and accurate assesment

Thanks to Mrs Gunther we have sold our place and found our new one. 2 deals done perfectly with a great professionalism and accurate assesment of the customers needs.  I would not change anything if we had to do it again. Thanks again for everything.

Accurate listening and Professionalism

Mrs Gunther has listened very carefully to our needs as soon as we met. She is patient, makes herself available when needed, considerate person and showed lot of tactful during the all transaction process. Her professionalism and her kindness have allowed us to purchase our property without any stress. We highly recommend her. Yours sincerely.

Ingrid and Eric


Ingrid et Eric (Translated from french)

Sarah and Alexandre

Our experience with Tournesol Immobilier has been most plaisant. The seriousness and follow up helped us a lot during the long process bound to the purchase of a property. Thank you very very much for having advised us and listened to our needs , but most important to have found for us a property that suits us so well !

Corinne and Brad

Moving to France from the UK was always going to be a challenge for a family with a young child. Finding our forever home seemed like an even bigger challenge. We met several agents over a several months of house hunting and researching. But nothing inspired us and agents didn’t reply or understand our needs. However our luck was soon to change for the better. We saw a house we liked on line and made contact with Marie-Pascale from Tournesol Immobilier. Her knowledge and understanding and empathy from the first point of contact was a breath of fresh air. Marie Pascale speaks perfect and fluent English too, this was a lovely for us. We were finally excited to be looking at houses again.
M-P is very passionate about her job and extremely dedicated to her clients.
From the moment we decided to buy our house Marie Pascale made the purchase a very exciting, happy and relaxed experience. Knowing that we had not yet learned to speak or read French, M-P made every effort to find out all the information we would need. She organized Notaires, architects , builders, specialists and artisans, having the electricity and water connected. There was no stone left unturned. Every aspect of our purchase was arranged. She then found out all the information for our child to transfer into a new school locally with teachers that spoke English ( for mummy’s benefit) I always tell people we had our hands held all the way through our purchase. Not once were we nervous or worried or stressed that something would go wrong!
And here we are nearly 2 years later still receiving messages to check that we are ok. We didn’t just gain a house we also gained a friend.
In total we met 6 agents. Only 1 did their job, and she went above and beyond.
We are very proud home owners surrounded by wonderful locals and new friends and living the dream we worked so hard to achieve and all made easy with the dedication of Marie-Pascale.